Hunting Trips

We offer two primary types of hunting experiences. Firstly, our guided hard wall backcountry hunts, led by seasoned professionals. Our guides navigate the varied terrain while you focus on the hunt, and we ensure you're well-fueled with delicious camp meals. 

Secondly, for those who value independence, we provide drop camp hunts. With your camp set up, you are free to hunt at your leisure. This cost-effective option includes lodging, cooking equipment, and food. After your hunt, we handle the transportation of you, your gear, and any trophies. We're flexible and can customize your hunting experience. You can add other species and combo hunts for a trophy fee. Non-hunters are also welcome to join for a daily fee. 

Regarding lodging, we offer wall tents equipped with wood stoves and cots. If you prefer a different style of accommodation, we have various other options available.


Fishing Trips

We are your premier destination for unforgettable outdoor adventures in Idaho! Our fishing trips are tailor-made to provide you with the ultimate experience in this scenic wonderland. Whether you're an avid angler first timer, we offer full-day and half-day excursions that cater to all skill levels and preferences. 

We have a variety of options to choose from, including floating trips on the Kootenai river, leisurely walks along tranquil shores, or adventurous wading in crystal-clear streams. Our expert guides will ensure you have the best chances of landing that prized catch while immersing you in the natural beauty of Idaho's landscapes.


Backpacking & Hiking Trips

Embark on unforgettable backpacking and hiking trips through the breathtaking landscapes of Idaho. Our expert guides will lead you through majestic mountains, serene lakes, and awe-inspiring scenery, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or a novice explorer, our carefully crafted trips cater to all skill levels. Traverse rugged trails, witness the raw beauty of untouched nature, and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you immerse yourself in the wonders of Idaho's wilderness. From the snow-capped peaks to the lush valleys, each step unveils a new panorama that will leave you in awe.

Camping with Goats

Backcountry Packing By Goat

Adventure meets nature in the heart of Idaho's wilderness! Join us on our unique camping with goats trip, an unforgettable experience that brings together the best of camping and the charm of our friendly goat companions. Set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Idaho, this journey will take you on a guided trek through lush forests, rugged trails, and pristine meadows, all while accompanied by our gentle and sure-footed goats. As you bond with these delightful creatures, you'll discover the joy of sharing the trail with them, carrying your gear and adding an extra dimension of fun to your wilderness excursion.