Archery Elk: Aug 30-Sept 30

5 Day Hunt

Fitness Level: Strenuous

Experience the exhilaration of pursuing mature Idaho bulls amidst the breathtaking backdrop of rugged mountain scenery. This hunt presents opportunities for diverse experiences; from straining your ears for bugles on high alpine ridges, weaving your way through the shadowy cedar and Douglas fir forests, to silently observing a mountain meadow in anticipation.

Our archery elk hunts are staged from backcountry wall tent camps, offering an authentic wilderness experience. Typically, our hunting parties comprise two hunters per guide to ensure personalized attention. However, for those desiring a more individualized experience, we offer one-on-one backpack trips for an additional cost.

This hunt is a call to the adventurous, requiring readiness to traverse several miles in steep, rugged terrain at high altitudes. But rest assured, your efforts will be met with remarkable views and unforgettable adventures, making every step worthwhile. At Lion's Head Outfitters, we weave these experiences into a tale of wilderness adventure that is sure to stir the heart of every true outdoorsman.

Rifle Elk: Oct 10-24

5 Day Hunt

Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Embark on a thrilling 5-day rifle hunt, staged from a wall tent base camp nestled in the craggy peaks of North Idaho's mountains. This hunt showcases the diversity of elk habitats - you could find yourself tracking game across clear cuts, exploring burn areas, or navigating lowlands near agricultural fields, all depending on the season's snow levels.

While this hunt is typically physically demanding due to the steep and challenging terrain, accommodations can be made for those with limited mobility, making it an adventure for all. Our hunting parties usually consist of two hunters paired with one guide, ensuring personalized attention and a well-coordinated hunt.

For hunters seeking a touch of comfort, we offer a lodge style hunt with advanced notice at an additional cost. Equip yourself with a .300 caliber rifle or larger for this journey into the wild. Our rifle hunt in North Idaho's mountains is a testament to the true spirit of hunting - an encounter with nature that combines strategy, endurance, and thrill in a landscape that is as challenging as it is beautiful.

Late Archery Elk: Dec 10-16

6 Day Hunt

Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Delve into the thrill of a late-season hunt, often conducted amidst a snow-dusted landscape, presenting a unique opportunity to explore the wilderness when many have retreated after earlier seasons. This pursuit offers a blend of hunting strategies, whether it's the meticulous approach of spot and stalk, the patient vigilance of still hunting, or the calculated anticipation of tree stand hunting. Each strategy holds the promise of that elusive moment when you can let loose an arrow on a majestic December bull.

The hunter to guide ratio is adjusted according to the hunting strategies employed and the size of the hunting party. All operations are launched from our wall tent base camp, cocooned in the raw beauty of our hunting grounds. For those desiring added comfort, we offer a lodge style trip, available with advance notice and at an additional cost. Remember to dress warmly - this late-season hunt is a chilling yet exhilarating affair!

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