Backcountry Packing By Goat

Backcountry Packing By Goat


We are in the process of training new pack goats to transport gear and meat. You can expect to have our goats along for company on many of our trips. Especially summer trips as they are well conditioned and ideally suited for the purpose.

Pack goats are ideal for packing in your heavy gear and packing out your big game spoils. A full-grown, male pack goat can easily carry around 70 lbs or more. Goats are an ideal pack animal. They are polite, inquisitive, sure-footed and make great pack companions. Our pack goats are specifically trained in our exclusive region of the Northern Idaho Panhandle. Pack goats make remote, back country access an enjoyable adventure.

As you bond with these delightful creatures, you'll discover the joy of sharing the trail with them, carrying your gear and adding an extra dimension of fun to your wilderness excursion. 

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