Black Bear

Black Bear

Spring: April 15-June 15

5 Day Hunts

Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Our spring bear hunts put you right in the thick of the action. This isn't a leisurely stroll in the woods. We're talking spot and stalk hunting in diverse environments: clear cuts, burn areas, meadows, and along grassy, old logging roads. Our region boasts a high population of color phase bears - a sight to behold. Hunts typically comprise two hunters per guide, but we can arrange one-on-one hunts. Prepare for all sorts of weather - from sweltering 85-degree days to freezing snowy conditions.

This hunt demands stamina; be ready to trek several miles. We'll set up a rugged wall tent base camp for your stay. If you prefer a lodge-style setup, it's available at an additional cost, but notify us in advance. Remember, you're stepping into grizzly country - stay frosty.

Fall: Aug 30-Oct 31 

Fitness Level: Strenuous 

Autumn in Idaho presents a golden opportunity to hunt a sizeable boar, loaded up on the season's huckleberry bounty. This isn't a stroll, but a spot and stalk hunt - you'll be hiking and scanning burn areas and berry patches with precision. The hunt can be tailored to suit either one or two hunters per guide. We'll establish a sturdy wall tent base camp for your outdoor living experience. Should you prefer a lodge-style setup, we can arrange that with prior notice and additional cost.

And a special note - wolf hunts can be added to this fall bear quest. Seize the opportunity to embark on a specially priced bear/wolf combo hunt.

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